London Underground’s Influence


It was really interesting to learn about the London Underground. It is such an iconic trait of London. After watching the film, I learned how influencial the London Underground is to other cities all over the world. It made me think of the similarities and differences between the London Underground and the NYC MTA. In addition, being from Boston helped me compare the London Underground to the Boston MBTA. In both NYC and Boston, it was clear how influencial the design of the London Underground was.

The map went through extensive planning to reach “perfection”. Designer, Harry Beck focused on creating a simplistic design. Beck studied and considered each stop to create a relationship amongst the stops. He understood that passengers are more interested on how to get one stop to another, so he came up with a color system. This color system helped organize which train to take to get to a stop on a specific path. 

Rather than focusing on the physical range of each stop, Beck chose to focus on what would make most sense for each stop. This method proved to be tremendously helpful and accurate.

Today, we see the “perfection” of the London Underground map design in our every day lives as New Yorkers. Most of us can remind the stops of each line. This exists because of the London Underground map. We have Harry Beck to thank for that. I can’t imagine life without today’s subway! Could you?

Andrea Kim

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